Above All That Is Random

First time…



A while ago I decided I would open up a blog and by that I mean YEARS ago. I am no different than my other procrastinator brothers and sisters out there. As the title suggests this is my first time 😉


(If you know what I mean)




I have many stories to share and in my follow up posts I will do the same but for now I’d like to keep it simple. I’m very sure that by the end of this month I’ll look back and say to myself  “How lame was I? Expecting people to read the thoughts of a random girl on the internet”. But for now this seems like the right to do and so I shall do the same.


Even though I hope you know that by the ‘First time’ I mean that its my first time blogging but to do justice to the *wink* ” 😉 ” let me share a first time story..




I got goosebumps all over my body as she breathed on my neck. Her hands caressed my shoulders and the anticipation of what was coming next drove me wild. I walked backward towards the chair and she followed. I looked into her eyes and I could see she was excited. It was like we had each others consent. I was prepared to show her the real me and I knew she’d love it or so I hoped. I started unzipping my jacket and my heart was pounding faster and faster with every breathe. Her eyes were filled with anticipation. The jacket slid of my shoulders and I put out my left arm on the arm rest of the chair. She sat in the chair next to me and held my wrist fixing it on the arm rest so that she has control and I don’t writhe in pain screwing everything up. She then took out the needle and started working on..





My Tattoo 😀




What were you expecting?




My first lesbian experience? 😛




Anyway so this was my story of getting my first and only tattoo. Let me know your first time stories.


I hope you enjoyed this 😉


I’m sorry its blurry but I hope you get the feel.




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